AmeriSys Secure is leading the way with quality-centered cost effective management of pain treatment programs. By joining forces with some of the industry’s leaders in pain treatment guidelines, pharmacy controls and alerts, functional restoration initiatives and specialized case-managers, AmeriSys has developed unique protocols and criteria for managing these complex and cost-driving claims. This program will maximize the injured employees’ comfort level by working closely with physicians who practice according to nationally-approved standards.
  • Improve injured employees lives by reducing addiction to opioids while reducing costs to employers
  • Improve/Enhance return-to-work outcomes, reduce disability duration; prevent unnecessary, dangerous and costly consequences of inappropriate or prolonged utilization of opioid medications while reducing the costs of handling pain management claims.
  • Prevent the misuse of prescription drugs while returning injured employees to work with reasonable expectations related to pain relief and functionality.
Identify appropriate patients   Mandatory Patient Agreement
Establish a treatment plan   Mandatory Utilization Review for invasive procedures based on ASCIP guidelines
Pre-determine endpoints that clearly indicate when it’s time to discontinue opioid therapy   Mandatory UDT
Pharmacy STEP program   Uniquely contracted medical provider network
Customized Formulary Controls   Custom computer system to identify pain management candidates
Specialized Case-Managers