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Summer 2014
Ron Warble
Fall 2014
Ron Warble
Tighter Opioid Controls
Dr. Michael Nguyen, Winter 2013
A Look Inside an Opiod Drug Treatment Case
Safety National, Winter 2013
Opioid Therapy: Effective Case Planning  
Healthesystems - RxInformer, Fall 2013
Psychological Interventions (public domain)
Stephen Bruehl, PhD
Investigation: Insurance billed $18.000 for unwanted pain meds
CBS News, February 2015
2013 First Script Drug Trends Analysis  
Coventry Workers' Comp Services, 2013
Drug Testing Utilization and Cost Trends in CA Workers' Compensation  
Alex Swedlow & Bob Young - CA Workers' Compensation Institute, May 2012
How Texas Mutual is successfully addressing opioids  
Joseph Paduda with Health Strategy Associates, January 29, 2014
Opioid Catastrophe: The Data Leads to Doctors  
Lynch Ryan - Workers' Comp Insider, March 4, 2013
Medical Marijuana: A Primer for Workers' Compensation
Healthesystems - RxInformer, Spring 2014
Urine Drug Testing No Fairy Tale
Dr. Melissa Bean, Medical Director Coventry - WorkCompWire, November 11, 2014
Urine Drug Testing, Part 2: Turning Information into Action
Dr. Melissa Bean, Medical Director Coventry - WorkCompWire, November 11, 2014
Is There Really a Need to Address Future Challenges Facing the WC Industry?
Kevin Kilroy - WorkCompWire, July 8, 2014
CollapseClaims Management
Creeping Catastrophic Claims - How to Spot Them and Stop Them  
Mark Walls, VP of claims for Safety National Casualty Corp. - Business Insurance, 2012

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